An “evolved” version of DOOM Eternal appears on Steam

An “evolved” version of DOOM Eternal appears on Steam
An “evolved” version of DOOM Eternal appears on Steam

With DOOM Eternal on PC, Bethesda could see a lot bigger than it did for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Since the release of The Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC, the future of DOOM Eternal is quite foggy. It must be said that Bethesda has remained very silent since the release of this content and fans are wondering if the adventure is already over for the last episode of the franchise.

Without being categorical, we would tend to say that non, and for good reason, the developer has announced that something is preparing for the PC on the sidelines of the event Nvidia Computex.

While never citing DOOM Eternal, these statements have not gone unheeded, as the game’s database suffered several changes on Steam.

As you can see, the game sheet now contains files with the mention «next-gen».

This jargon has never existed for our good old computer bikes, on the other hand it is quite the opposite for the apps transposed from the PS4 to the PS5 and from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series.

Consequently, it is plausible to think that this “new PC version” will certainly benefit a little more extensive advantages than the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. We will quickly be fixed …

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evolved version DOOM Eternal appears Steam

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