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a Ferrari 308 … rally version!

a Ferrari 308 … rally version!
a Ferrari 308 … rally version!

It is not usually in the mud of rally events that you imagine finding a Ferrari. The Italian brand nevertheless wanted to take part in the incredible Group B category! The least we can say is that this 308 GTB does it justice.

Like most Ferraris, the 308 is an icon. But this model is perhaps a little more than the others thanks to its repeated appearances on the small screen in the Magnum series.. And the least we can say is that Tom Selleck was not always kind to her… Admittedly, in this video, it is not the man with the mustache who is at the wheel, but this rally driver is not slacking off either!

A Ferrari in a rally ?!

The 308 GTB was produced from 1975 to 1985. It is equipped with a V8 developing 255 hp and 290 Nm of torque, enough to allow it to reach 100 km / h in 6.1 s and to clock in at 252 km / h! Great performance for a car of this age. While it is true that one usually does not imagine a Ferrari skidding in the mud during a special on earth, however, the brand has its place in rallye !

Attempt to enter Group B

Indeed, in the 80s, Ferrari decided to enter the premier class of the time, Group B, with the 288 GTO! But now, this spectacular discipline with very light regulations had become so dangerous that it was stopped in 1986, even before Ferrari could take part. So a Ferrari in rally? Oh yeah ! And when it is driven foot to the floor like in this video, it’s even better!

Discover the video of this Ferrari 308 in the middle of a rally below:

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Ferrari rally version

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