these virtual portals allow passers-by to communicate with inhabitants of other cities in the world

these virtual portals allow passers-by to communicate with inhabitants of other cities in the world
these virtual portals allow passers-by to communicate with inhabitants of other cities in the world

In Lithuania, the Benediktas Gylys Foundation has created interactive portals installed in the center of the capital. In real time, they project images of life in Poland, and allow residents of these two cities to communicate hundreds of kilometers away.

In Lithuania, in the capital Vilnius, portals similar to the stargates of the Stargate saga were installed. However, we are not talking about science fiction since this project is very real, and was created by the Benediktas Gylys foundation.

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This company has created interactive portals connected between several cities, which allow passers-by to communicate with inhabitants located hundreds of kilometers away.

An interactive portal between Lithuania and Poland

Currently, two portals are installed: one in Vilnius and one in Lublin, Poland. This city of 340,000 inhabitants is located about 600 kilometers from the Lithuanian capital. The portal installed in Lithuania broadcasts real-time life in Poland, and vice versa. Thus, passers-by who stop in front of this novelty can communicate with the Polish inhabitants, through a screen.

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For this, each portal is equipped with a giant screen and several cameras which film the streets and broadcast the images live. To succeed in creating these small technological gems, five years of work and research were necessary.

Lithuania: virtual portals for communicating around the world

The goal of the foundation at the origin of this project is to create a space of communication between the different cities of the world. Thus, the creators wish to build a world without borders, where it would be possible to discover a different culture and places through a screen. In this period of global pandemic, this installation seems essential not to withdraw into oneself.

“Humanity faces many life-threatening challenges; be it social polarization, climate change or economic issues. However, on closer inspection, it is not the lack of brilliant scientists, activists, leaders, knowledge or technology that is causing these challenges. It is tribalism, lack of empathy and a narrow perception of the world, which is often limited to our national borders ”, said the president of the Benediktas Gylys foundation.

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According to the foundation, the portal is seen as a “digital bridge” to open up to the world. Soon, two more portals should be installed in Lithuania, in order to connect to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and to London.

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