the first iPads with an OLED screen would arrive in 2022

the first iPads with an OLED screen would arrive in 2022
the first iPads with an OLED screen would arrive in 2022

Apple plans to significantly improve the screen of iPads next year, since they could be equipped with OLED panels, as reported by our Korean colleagues from ETNews. They would replace current LCD screens.

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The report, which cites industry sources, claims that Apple will use OLED displays instead of LCDs in some iPad models from 2022. Apple recently introduced a new 12.9-inch model with a mini display. LED, but this technology is not at the level of the OLED, since the screen remains LCD. Mini-LED screens, however, have the advantage of being much brighter than OLED screens..

A controversy is growing around the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021, as some users have complained about the significant presence of blooming. This is a cloud effect that affects almost all LCD screens. Grayish spots appear around items like text or buttons, preventing surrounding pixels from displaying black properly. Blooming would be particularly present on the new iPad Pro, which however has more backlighting areas than conventional tablets, so that some think of a software problem.

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Which iPad models will have an OLED display next year?

At the moment, we do not know which models will be affected by this change. However, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we can expect the mid-range iPad Air to be updated with an OLED display. If mid-range models do benefit from this technology, we imagine that Apple could use it on its high-end models in the future. All iPad models Apple to release in 2023 will feature OLED displays, ETNews says.

Apple’s decision to use OLED displays was reportedly driven by better picture quality, reduced weight, and design. Indeed, since LCD screens require backlighting, these are thicker and heavier than OLED screens.

We imagine that Apple will source from Samsung and LG, which are the main suppliers of OLED panels. They are currently busy producing the 120Hz LTPO displays for the iPhone 13 Pro, which will be unveiled by the end of the year. Just like the iPhones, we imagine that the high-end iPads will have a 120 Hz ProMotion OLED screen, while the iPad Air will be satisfied with a 60 Hz OLED screen.

Source : ETNews

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