What is the maximum lifespan of a human being?

While we know the life expectancy of a human being, on average 85 years for women and 79 for men, until what age is a human being able to live to the fullest? According to the results of a study by several Russian researchers including Andrei Gudkov, co-founder of a company specializing in anti-aging therapies, our maximum lifespan would be between 120 and 150 years.

It is the newspaper Sud-Ouest which relayed this study published on May 25th. In fact, the inevitable aging of man is due to “a gradual loss of resilience”, that is, our ability to recover from stress or illness. Between 120 and 150 years, there would therefore be a point “corresponding to a complete loss of resilience”, specifies the study which explains that there is therefore “a fundamental or absolute limit of human lifespan“.

“Even the most effective disease prevention and treatment cannot than improve the average lifespan, but not the maximum lifespan, unless genuine anti-aging therapies are developed, ”the researchers further explain.

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