Humans can live up to a maximum of 150 years

Humans can live up to a maximum of 150 years
Humans can live up to a maximum of 150 years

The human being is not close to attaining immortality. According to a new study, researchers estimate that humans can live up to 150 years, the maximum. Beyond this age limit, it would be a miracle to stay alive.

Modern scientific advances in the medical field aim to extend human lifespan. However, the human being cannot yet attain immortality. Even if science continues to advance and humans escape to the most dangerous diseases like the Covid-19 which causes the death of some patients, he will not be able to live beyond the age limit.

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This maximum age is 150 years. It has never been achieved by anyone to our knowledge before. At present, the record for human longevity is still held by Jeanne Louise Calment. She died in 1997 in 122 years. The new study that determined the age limit of 150 was conducted by biotech Gero in Singapore. She worked in collaboration with the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York and the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow. The study was published last week in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

Healing from an illness or recovering from an injury after 120 years is very complicated

Besides the absolute limit of 150 years, researchers believe that the human body is incapable of recovering from illnesses or injuries after 120 years. A human being in excellent health could therefore live between 120 and 150 years to the maximum. To survive his 150th birthday would be a real achievement.

The researchers analyzed medical records and blood tests from more than 500,000 people. They reside in the United States, United Kingdom and Russia. For blood tests, the researchers were particularly interested in two specific things. It was the ratio of two types of white blood cellss that fight diseases and variability in the size of red blood cells. They divided the 500,000 people into 3 distinct age groups.

It is necessary to strengthen the resilience of the human body to prolong the service life

With this data, the researchers were able to calculate what they call the dynamic state indicator of the organism (DOSI). This number corresponds to the biological age at which a person can still recover from illnesses and injuries. Dr Marc J. Kahn who did not participate in the study explained that “ the study authors are able to use this DOSI to measure recovery time. The problem is that at a certain stage of aging, the recovery time is so long that we lose resilience. ».

This resilience at an advanced age is therefore the key to extend human lifespan. If it can be improved through new scientific advances, the human being who is moreover composed of materials of extraterrestrial origin could live longer in good health. Indeed, the maximum age in itself is not significant if the living conditions are bad. Finally, according to Dr. Marc J. Kahn, technologies such as mechanical organs and reprogrammed cell therapies are inevitable in order to be able to blow out more than 150 candles.

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Humans live maximum years

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