A Breton couple launch a sunscreen that respects the oceans and the skin

Lucille Ealet and Allan Le Bronnec have created a sunscreen called Kerbi that protects both the skin and the oceans. – L. Ealet

  • Lucille Ealet and her companion Allan Le Bronnec imagined the Kerbi brand and offer a mineral sunscreen that respects the skin and the seas.
  • Designed in partnership with a Parisian laboratory, the product is offered in pharmacies in the West.
  • A true symbol in Brittany, the French region most affected by melanoma.

They are Bretons and they launched their brand of sunscreen. After the little joke about the local weather, the story takes on its full meaning when we know that the region is by far the most affected in France by melanoma, otherwise called skin cancer. Add to this recent studies confirming the presence of endocrine disruptors threatening both human and coral health, and you will understand that the composition of this sunscreen is no joke. By opting for a natural, mineral and nanoparticle-free product, Lucille Ealet and her companion Allan Le Bronnec have chosen to protect the skin and the seabed.

A few years ago, they would not have imagined launching into the so supervised sector of solar protection. In a relationship since their meeting on the benches of the Mbway business and management school in Nantes, Lucille and Allan have worked for almost two years on their sunscreen. He, the nautical enthusiast has already crossed the Atlantic several times under sail. She saw the human devastation on the Great Barrier Reef while in Australia. “Allan pioneered this idea as part of his studies. And we have seen that few people were aware of the impact of sun protection on the sea, ”explains Lucille Ealet. Every year, 25,000 tonnes of these products end up in our oceans, polluting flora and fauna without our attention. Some territories like Hawaii have even banned certain components to protect their biodiversity.

Aloe vera to prevent whiteout

After a long work carried out with a pharmaceutical laboratory in the Paris region, the 24-year-old couple has just put on sale their first bottles of the Kerbi brand. A nod to Kerbilouët beach, in Arradon, where the couple goes regularly. Based in Baden, near Vannes, the two entrepreneurs had 10,000 units manufactured in the form of sticks or creams. The composition based on a mineral filter protects the skin without penetrating it. “Several studies have shown that certain components can stagnate in the body, without yet knowing their impact. Ours does not penetrate, ”recalls the co-founder of Kerbi. To limit white marks, sometimes seen with mineral filters, the two Bretons have added aloe vera. “On fair skin, you can’t see it,” says Lucille Ealet. On darker skin, more attention should be paid to the application of the cream, in order to avoid the aesthetic inconvenience of the “white veil”.

In the absence of nanoparticle and with its natural composition, the cream respects the seabed. An argument that has visibly appealed to many curious people. Available in pharmacies (17 euros per stick and 20 euros for cream), the Kerbi brand has already been the subject of several requests for restocking in Brittany. In the region, there are 1,300 new cases and more than sixty deaths each year caused by melanoma. In a region where the skin is generally quite fair, we too often forget to protect ourselves. The reason ? The sometimes cloudy sky or the light sea breeze often tend to make you forget the heat and the danger of UV rays. Who are as powerful and dangerous in Brest as in Nice.


Breton couple launch sunscreen respects oceans skin

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