Xbox exclusive Dolby Vision and Atmos for two years

Xbox exclusive Dolby Vision and Atmos for two years
Xbox exclusive Dolby Vision and Atmos for two years

Technology continues to improve our gaming experience … Whether it’s HDR, Quick Resume or FPS Boost, the new consoles are transfiguring our game library. The result of a partnership with Dolby, the Xbox Series X and S have benefited from Atmos sound since their launch. During 2021, Dolby Vision will join it and both will remain exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem for two years!

The Dolby Atmos demo (preferably listen to headphones with the dedicated application):

Le Dolby Atmos :

To take advantage of these innovations, you will need the right equipment. For Dolby Atmos, which gives the impression of having speakers all around you, a compatible amplifier will be needed. It is possible to find today on the market of the association soundbars. Certainly the rendering is less good than having a battalion of speakers, but remains excellent. A judicious headphone compatibility also allows you to enjoy this spatial sound, provided you download the dedicated application. The latter is available here, especially since Dolby offers a free trial of one month until September 30, 2021. After the test, you will have to pay a subscription for € 17.99, but for life!

Dolby Vision:

For Dolby Vision, expected this year, it is the image that is in the spotlight. Do you know the SDR (Standard Dynamic Range), which all televisions are equipped with, as well as the HDR (High Dynamic Range) which boosts colors and lights? Well, Dolby Vision goes even further! With light areas that can appear 40 times brighter and black levels 10 times deeper… Add that to a good TV and sunglasses sellers will be delighted!

Objectively, our games have never been so beautiful and their sound, so enveloping. Atmos is already available, Vision is coming, as a temporary exclusivity on Xbox… Our senses will discover a new era of gaming pleasure!


Xbox exclusive Dolby Vision Atmos years

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