PlayStation Advent Calendar 2021 Participation only against credits

PlayStation Advent Calendar 2021 Participation only against credits
PlayStation Advent Calendar 2021 Participation only against credits

In addition to the physical PlayStation Advent calendar, which we reported on as the first magazine in November, Sony is also launching a virtual counterpart again. Unlike in previous years, this time you can only take part in exchange for credits.

And you pull these out of your pocket beforehand, especially if you are curious. You have to earn this first, although there are several options here. The simplest is probably in exchange for your PlayStation trophies that you have already earned. Optionally, you can also invite friends, take part in a daily quiz, look at any pages, or exchange videos or voucher codes. PlayStation Plus users also get 5,000 credits for free.

So there are several options, whereby everyone should already have a certain credits account by simply matching their PlayStation trophies.

Participation only against credits

In order to participate in the PlayStation Advent Calendar, you have to spend these credits again. Participation costs you 500 credits per day, with the chance of a main prize and a side prize. If you want to know in advance whether participation is worthwhile at all, you have to invest an impressive 1000 credits in order to be able to take a look at one of the prizes.

We already took a look and were able to find prices such as a DualSense controller, a Sony TV, a PS4 Pro, a game bundle, a gamer seat, steering wheels or a monitor that can be found behind one of the more important doors. Will there be a PS5? You can also use your credits for digital rewards such as avatars or PS4 designs. And those who prefer to celebrate charity can simply give away their credits.

How high the real chances of winning are with a total of 48 prizes from millions of PlayStation players can be calculated. Not very high!

Unsurprisingly, the PlayStation Advent Calendar starts tomorrow, Wednesday.


PlayStation Advent Calendar Participation credits

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