On Black Friday, Samsung bleeds the price of its Galaxy S21 (-80%)

On Black Friday, Samsung bleeds the price of its Galaxy S21 (-80%)
On Black Friday, Samsung bleeds the price of its Galaxy S21 (-80%)

It was not until Black Friday that Samsung pulverized the price of its excellent Galaxy S21s. While the latter are already selling very well without any discount, the official site is making a (huge) gesture to boost sales volumes.

The Galaxy S21s are Samsung’s best smartphones… and probably the best Android smartphones, period. This does not prevent the brand from wanting to boost sales at the end of the year by lowering the prices of its high-end devices. For this Black Friday, she gave us a huge surprise with breathtaking discounts.

In the latest generation of smartphones from the Korean giant, there are three models: the S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. In all three cases, you will be able to claim reductions between -50 and -80%. If you have a smartphone swap, you can even receive one of these new devices for 0 €. To use the simulator, go to the Samsung site here:

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Since the release of these Galaxy S21s a few months ago, Samsung has never been so generous. While Apple restricts any discount on its iPhone 13, the Korean is much more convincing. These are smartphones that are very good – and with the prices displayed for this Black Friday, we can’t resist. The public did not wait, several models are already in final rupture.

It is therefore necessary to play with the colors, the storage capacities and the models to find those which are still available. Below we’ve put together a list with all the discounts you can claim on the Galaxy S21s for Black Friday:

  • 360 euros reduction
  • 100 euros bonus on resumption
  • 360 euros in the amount on trade-in
  • 50 euros in Google Play credits
  • A case and a SmartTag offered
  • 5% en points Samsung Rewards

How to take advantage of all these cumulative discounts?

To explain how to get the lowest price, we’ll go through each of the lines above. Depending on whether you want to take a Galaxy S21, S21 + or S21 Ultra (our favorite of the three), you will be able to get an immediate discount more or less. This reduction is logically proportional to the price of the device. For example, on the S21 Ultra which still costs 1,259 euros, you will receive 360 ​​euros direct discount. On the S21, you will have 160 euros.

To continue on the large amounts, Samsung is also very generous when taking back an old device. When you buy a Galaxy S21, it’s in your best interest to trade in an old phone for compensation. By default, regardless of the smartphone, you will have a bonus of 100 euros. Then, the amount of the phone taken back can climb to 160 euros depending on the model you return. In the end, this saves 460 euros.

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Another significant advantage when buying a Galaxy S21 from the official Samsung website is the loyalty program. For any purchase made on the site, you will receive 5% of the amount in the form of Samsung Rewards points. For a phone at 800 euros for example, that makes you 40 euros which you can then spend on the site. It is convenient to buy accessories.

That said, Samsung is also very generous in terms of product endowments. Whether you take a Galaxy S21, S21 + or S21 Ultra, you will receive a free case (you can choose the color) as well as a SmartTag. This Bluetooth beacon allows you to find your lost items attached to the beacon. Finally, he also gives you a gift of 50 euros of credit on the Google Play Store.

A triplet of premium smartphones

Faced with the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G oppose real resistance. They have the advantage of not only being very efficient but they are especially cheaper thanks to this offer put forward by the official Korean website. In the end, you have a value for money which is much more convincing on these devices than on those of the Apple brand.

If you are familiar with Android and want to continue the adventure, these offers on the Galaxy S21 are a blast. We are recalling here just the few technical elements to know about these smartphones. All are already equipped with an OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This is not the case of all iPhone 13. They are respectively 6.2, 6.7 and 6.8 inches in diagonal. The rendering is impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 + have the same specifications except the screen size and the battery. The Galaxy S21 Ultra performs much better than the others at all levels. This concerns in particular the photo part which is excellent on the latter. It’s probably the best camera phone on the market with a 108 MP main sensor on the back of the smartphone.

If you’ve followed what we’ve said, the Galaxy S21s run Android but they have a manufacturer overlay. In this case, Samsung wanted to customize the Android interface with the One UI software overlay. By opting for the latest smartphones from its traditional range, you will be entitled to the latest updates.

To end on these Samsung Galaxy S21, we must talk about the autonomy of the product. If they all have a battery of varying size, they generally all last the same duration. With these top-of-the-line models, you can expect to last 1.5 days. It is in the middle high of the market, Korean has always been a reference on this point. Fast charge and reverse charge are also available on these phones.

While Black Friday officially started at Samsung a few days ago, we can’t wait any longer. The breaks are numerous and only half of Samsung smartphones remain in stock. To get your hands on a Galaxy S21 5G, it won’t be long. We advise you to be quick because as long as it is not validated and paid, the smartphone is not guaranteed to you.

To do this Black Friday, it’s here:

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