Tim Cook looks forward to iPhone repair program

Tim Cook looks forward to iPhone repair program
Tim Cook looks forward to iPhone repair program

Halyna Kubiv

Tim Cook commented on the future of Apple and its customers at the opening of the new Apple Store in Los Angeles.

Last Friday, Apple reopened its Los Angeles store after renovation. As usual at such events, the press was invited, and Tim Cook was also there. On this occasion, an interview with the broadcaster KTLA was made, with Tim Cook commenting a lot about the present and future of Apple.

Accordingly, Cook is looking forward to the start of the repair program for iPhones and Macs. There is a “community of technically interested people” who even have the appropriate training and can repair their own iPhone and Macs themselves. That’s why it feels great to put the blueprints and instructions in these people’s hands. However, there is still the alternative of having repairs such as battery replacement carried out by Apple employees directly in the Apple Store.

When the next big thing is coming

Reporter Rich DeMuro asked an almost obligatory question about upcoming products: Tim Cook skilfully avoided specific statements in his answer. Accordingly, Apple always has an ace up its sleeve, but these are not played out prematurely. Apple is investing and interested in augmented reality, but that’s nothing new in and of itself. Another exciting topic from Tim Cook’s point of view is mobility, which is one of the basic technologies.

In general, Cook is quite optimistic: The world is currently experiencing the last days of the Covid-19 pandemic, it must be noted here that Apple’s CEO has probably not yet seen the current figures from Germany. One of the lasting consequences of the pandemic would be the hybrid reality with mixed working environments in the office and at home. In the summer, however, the company in the round headquarters blocked itself from letting its employees work from home; whether Tim Cook is serious about the hybrid working reality will only be seen after the pandemic around 2025.


Tim Cook iPhone repair program

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