a prestigious passenger for the December 9 flight

a prestigious passenger for the December 9 flight
a prestigious passenger for the December 9 flight

In the history of the conquest of Space, the name of Alan Shepard is less emblematic than those of Neil Armstrong or Yuri Gagarin, however, the American astronaut is nothing other than the first American of the ‘History of having traveled in Space. A theft that took place in 1961, while ten years later, in 1971 therefore, this same Alan Shepard will become the fifth man to walk on the moon.

Alan Shepard’s daughter in her father’s footsteps

On December 9, sixty years after Alan Shepard’s historic space flight, the Blue Origin rocket will take off from the state of Texas for a third manned flight, with a distinguished guest on board. Indeed, Jeff Bezos will allow Laura Shepard Churchley to taste in turn the immensity of Space, the latter being (and you will probably have guessed it) the daughter of Alan Shepard.

The latter obviously says “very proud”Of his father’s legacy, and enjoys the fact that a real Shepard will travel in the Blue Origin rocket, dubbed“New Shepard“. A third flight for Jeff Bezos’ space company which will allow five other passengers to fly into the sky, including Michael Strahan, star of the American television show Good Morning America.

A flight that should allow six passengers to enjoy ten minutes above our planet. Remember that in addition to having allowed Jeff Bezos in person to taste the joys of space travel, Blue Origin also more recently allowed a certain William Shatner to fly into space, the latter having at the end of the The 1960s portrayed the unforgettable Captain Kirk from Star Trek on screen.

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