One of the best features of iOS 15 is delayed until 2022

One of the best features of iOS 15 is delayed until 2022
One of the best features of iOS 15 is delayed until 2022

iOS 15, the version of Apple’s operating system released in the last quarter of 2021, includes a lot of interesting new features. But unfortunately, not all of the features announced by the company in June at its WWDC conference are available.

And among these, there is a novelty that will allow users to store their IDs in the Apple Wallet app. During its conference, the Cupertino company had indicated that this feature would be available in some US states at the end of the year (for the moment, the feature is only intended for the United States).

Postponed to 2022

But unfortunately, this week, we learn that Apple will postpone the launch of this novelty of iOS 15. Now, on its website, Apple indicates that it, which will allow the addition of driver’s licenses or spare parts. identity to the Wallet application, will not arrive until early 2022.

These digital identity documents can, for example, be used during identity checks at airport checkpoints in the United States.

IOS 15 users are also waiting for Private Relay to arrive

If digital identity documents on iOS 15 are reserved, for the moment, in a few US states, the Private Relay feature, for its part, will be available in several countries, including France. This was also announced at the WWDC conference, but is not yet available today.

Private Relay is part of Apple’s iCloud + offering, which is offered to users of the company’s paid storage offerings. This allows users to secure their internet connections.

Private Relay is not a VPN. However, its use makes it a competitor for the VPNs currently available on the market.

We don’t yet know when Apple will release Private Relay. However, the company continues to refine this feature before making it available on the stable version of iOS 15.

Lately we found out that on the operating system beta, Apple changed the name of this feature in the settings so that users understand the usefulness of it (protecting the IP address).

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