only 0.21% of users have updated, more on Windows XP

Windows 11 is obviously struggling to find its audience. According to a Lansweeper study, only 0.21% of users have ever opted for the operating system. The vast majority remain for the moment on Windows 10, in particular because of not respected minimum configuration. Many are even on even older versions.

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Did you update to Windows 11? According to a recent study by Lansweeper, there is a very good chance that the answer is no. Despite it being released over a month ago and Microsoft’s efforts to make it compatible on more devices, the operating system is only installed on 0.21% of CPs. These results are consistent with those obtained in a previous survey, which estimated at 5% the number of computers running on the new OS. However, Lansweeper analyzed approximately 30 million machines, which is much more than the first study.

At first glance, this figure may be surprising. Windows 11 is however free for all Windows 10 users, which should be enough to convince a large part of the recalcitrant. Especially since the latter represent a large majority of Windows enthusiasts, with 81.78% of CPs market still running on the old version of the OS. The most astonishing probably that Windows XP brings together 3.62% of users, much more than Windows 11! The observation is also the same for Windows 8, with its 0.95% of users.

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Why is no one installing Windows 11?

However, these versions have long been abandoned by Microsoft, which no longer deploys security updates for them. As Roel Decneut, Marketing Manager at Lansweeper points out, these users take huge risks by refusing to upgrade to a newer build. “The billions of active Windows devices around the world mean there could still be millions of people using devices that are insecure and open to attack.”, he explains.

“Plus, a lot of these outdated systems are supposed to run on corporate devices, which means it’s not just personal information that’s at stake.” Remember that 100 million users are still on Windows 7. As for Windows 11, it’s a safe bet that the OS suffers from Microsoft’s decision. to impose the TPM 2.0 chip in the minimum required configuration.

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