Video clips – is Spotify now jumping on the Tiktok train?

Published25. November 2021, 14:00

A Twitter user discovered a new function in the beta version of the Spotify app. This shows short videos in portrait format that you can swipe through.

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Will Spotify app users soon be able to watch videos in it?


At least that’s what one Twitter user claims.


He discovered a new function in the beta version of the app.

He discovered a new function in the beta version of the app.


  • A new function is to be planned for Spotify.

  • This was found by a Twitter user in the beta version of the app.

  • It’s supposed to be a Tiktok-like feature.

  • In the future, you should be able to swipe through short video clips.

Actually, Spotify is known as a music streaming service. However, there are now initial indications that users will soon be able to watch videos in the app. Because, as product designer Chris Messina writes on Twitter, he has discovered a new function in the beta version of the app. This should show videos in portrait format, through which you can swipe vertically, similar to Tiktok.

Messina writes: “Oh my god, for the first time in how long has Spotify added a fourth icon to their toolbar!” This should be called Discover. Messina further describes: “Discover is more or less a reduced version of Tiktok!”

Music videos

However, the videos on Spotify shouldn’t be quite as arbitrary as on Tiktok. Mainly, these should be short clips from official music videos that are displayed to the user. The name of the song, the artist and the album are displayed at the bottom of the video. In addition, users can give clips that they particularly like with a heart, i.e. like them.

At first glance, it seems like Spotify Discover is there primarily to make finding new music easier. For example, when scrolling through music clips, users could be suggested songs that match their preferences but that they have not yet listened to.

It is not known when such a new function will actually be introduced. Spotify has not yet publicly commented on the discovery.

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Video clips Spotify jumping Tiktok train

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