Possibility to buy at Saturn and bargain madness at Amazon

Possibility to buy at Saturn and bargain madness at Amazon
Possibility to buy at Saturn and bargain madness at Amazon

After the shipping giant lets us down and we are still waiting to buy a PS5 on Amazon, we cling to every straw. Today it is painted white-black-orange because there is news from Saturn. Since yesterday evening it has been reported that you can order a PS5 again in the market and pick it up at a later time – against a deposit. Meanwhile, Amazon started Black Friday on November 25th instead of Friday and is also offering lots of interesting bargain deals for PS5 buyers.

Can you now buy the PS5 at Saturn / Media Markt across Germany?

Since yesterday evening there have been several indications that, as in September and October, you can order the Playstation 5 again from Saturn and pick it up in the market. This is what the colleagues from Gameswirtschaft report. Apparently, counter displays in some Saturn branches in Hesse indicate the possibility of purchase. If you make a deposit of 100 euros, you can pick up the PS5 in the market at a later point in time, which will be communicated to you by email. So far, the sister dealers Saturn and Media Markt have not yet announced whether this is a Germany-wide campaign and whether you can buy the PS5 in this way in each of the 450 branches of the electronics stores. But it can’t hurt to ask the video game department at a store near you to see if a PS5 pre-order campaign is ongoing or coming soon.

Amazon starts Black Friday on Thursday

Apparently, Amazon does not shy away from the danger of messing up the space-time continuum, because Black Friday 2021 at the shipping giant starts on Thursday this year. For two days there will be new offers, as usual from Amazon, mostly at the best prices. Of course, there are also plenty of exciting deals for gamers and those interested in PS5, whether for PS5 games, QLED TVs from Samsung, PS5-compatible SSDs with PCIe 4.0 or accessories such as the Dualsense Wireless PS5 controller. In any case, it is worth taking a close look at the many offers on Amazon Black Friday.

PS5 Deals on Amazon Black Friday (Selection)

What are the chances of a PS5 sale on Amazon on November 25th?

On no weekday in the months since the launch of the Sony console has the PS5 been bought more often from Amazon than on a Wednesday. More than 90 percent of PS5 sales at the shipping giant took place in the middle of the week. The last time you could order the Playstation 5 from Amazon about a month ago and since almost all German PS5 dealers have been supplied with consoles by Sony in the meantime, we reckon that Amazon now also has a considerable number of PS5 in stock – it should be between 10,000 and be 20,000 consoles. Therefore, the chances of a PS5 sale on Amazon on November 25th are much worse than yesterday, but it is of course possible that the shipping giant deviates from usual patterns during a shopping campaign like Black Friday. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, check out Amazon.de regularly and maybe you’re lucky that you can order the Playstation 5 from Amazon.

How can the chances of getting a PS5 on Amazon be increased?

In the past few months, only Prime members could buy the PS5 on Amazon, and this was always pointed out before a sale. If this information is not available, it is sufficient to have an Amazon account and to log in. It is also possible that an “open” PS5 sales campaign for everyone will take place in the period before Christmas. However, as a Prime customer you are on the safe side. We recommend waiting for the sale on a PC or laptop, as error messages have occurred more often in the past, especially on mobile devices. If you have the time, you can now keep an eye on the two PS5 offer pages on which the notice of a sale has appeared and update the page regularly until you can order. Or subscribe to ours PCGH-Twitterkanal, via which we will immediately send a message when the Playstation 5 starts selling on Amazon.

Note: an overview of Black Friday promotions
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On sale November 24th in the Playstation Direct Store

This week, selected Playstation owners who have an account on the Playstation Network were invited by Sony to a Playstation 5 sale on November 24th. The sales campaign was successfully held by Sony yesterday after the first attempt two weeks earlier that technical problems had thrown the bill for many PS5 buyers. The selection criteria for an invitation are not yet very clear. In addition to a PSN account, it should also include a Playstation Plus membership – by the way, 12 months PS Plus is currently available on Amazon in Black Friday week for only 39.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros. Unfortunately, uninvited people did not have the opportunity to buy a Playstation 5 in the Playstation Direct Store.

The best Black Friday deals for Playstation 5 and PS4 (selection)

Our favorites on a PS5 sale on November 25th.

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Will 1 million fewer PS5 consoles be produced?

As reported by news site Bloomberg, Tokyo-based Sony Group Corp. Reduce the production forecast for the Playstation 5 by 1 million PS5 consoles. This was reported by people familiar to the company, the report said. Sony originally planned to produce more than 16 million units in this fiscal year, which ends in March 2022. The company has now reduced the planned amount to 15 million. The reason for the reduction in production is the worsening effects of the global corona pandemic, which has made it difficult to buy the PS5 since the Playstation 5 was released in November 2020.

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What role does Corona play in PS5 availability?

According to Bloomberg, Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki announced in a conference call at the end of October that logistics problems and bottlenecks in parts procurement had worsened. The CFO had previously warned that a worsening of the corona situation could affect the component supply of the PS5 manufacturer. Semiconductors in particular are among the scarce components. Most recently, the chip manufacturer Toshiba Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing warned that the manufacturing situation will not normalize even in 2022. So it remains difficult to be able to buy a PS5.

Selection of the best Amazon Black Friday top deals

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Playstation 5 on Amazon

Other PS5 dealers

Playstation 5 at MediaMarkt

PS5 at Saturn

Mark Cerny explains how developers influenced PS5 design

Mark Cerny, the Playstation 5 system architect at Sony, spoke about the design process of the next-gen console in a video from the Wired editorial team. Among other things, he went into the role that individual game developers played. Among other things, Cerny emphasizes that “ultimately the developers who want to make games are the users of these systems” that he and his team wanted to build with the PS5. “So it felt great,” says Cerny, “to work with a lot of teams over the years and understand what helps them and what hampers them.” Cerny also explains the questions his team had to answer when deciding on an SSD, such as the format of the hardware.

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