Smash Bros. and Wave Race 64 on their way to Nintendo Switch Online?

Smash Bros. and Wave Race 64 on their way to Nintendo Switch Online?
Smash Bros. and Wave Race 64 on their way to Nintendo Switch Online?

Just made available to service subscribers Nintendo Switch Online + Pack Additionnel, l’application Nintendo 64 has already been explored by datamining explorers. At the end of the day, some interesting discoveries when it comes to the games to come …

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that we owe this very interesting discovery.

Nintendo 64

38 games in total for the N64

We learn that 38 games in total would be planned for the Nintendo 64 catalog of Nintendo Switch Online, as indicated in a reference list containing the names of expected game series. “This first data mining of the N64 application is fruitful, in a way. If we refer to the IDs of the games, there would be at least 38 N64 titles planned for the NSO.

This list, classified in alphabetical order, makes it possible to determine which are the titles to come by a simple game of deduction. Thus, one easily determines the entries referring to the Mario Party, located between Mario Kart 64 and Mario Tennis in the list. We can already imagine the imminent arrival of a selection of episodes of the party-games franchise, essential references of the multiplayer game on the console. The presence of Paper Mario – whose Japanese title is Mario Story – is also not to be excluded.

Still by deduction, two games stand out as probable choices between Super Mario 64 and Winback. First, Super Smash Bros. seems to be obvious: the first title of the fighting game franchise is a ready choice, and would go perfectly with the online function integrated into the N64 application. Next, Wave Race 64, the cult jet ski racing game, could also be part of the final selection.

Just behind The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, we can easily imagine finding the episode Majora’s Mask : This sequel quickly captured the hearts of fans upon its release, and many consider it to be one – if not the – best game in the franchise to ever come to life.

The Mega Drive application has also been polled in the background and broad – MondoMega says that 52 titles would be planned for the catalog of the console of SEGA.


Smash Bros Wave Race Nintendo Switch Online

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