Little Devil Inside: original exploration mechanics revealed by a charming gameplay trailer

We have rediscovered Little Devil Inside with a trailer of gameplay last year, revealing a universe with a marked artistic direction in which we will face fantastic creatures of all kinds. However, we know this game making us play a demon hunter since 2015 and its funding on Kickstarter, most Neostream Interactive still has not given birth to the project.

While it’s also slated for PC, Switch, and Xbox One, and not just for PS4 and PS5, it’s in the State of Play of tonight that he resurfaced. A long video of gameplay said more about the dynamics of the experience by presenting the world map and its “model” effect. It will combine rails, roadways and footpaths from which we can directly interact with elements, but above all will invite us to zoom in on the map to discuss with local residents, trigger mandatory or optional events, and above all unlock action-oriented missions. We will also have to think about managing the needs of our hero Billy by taking breaks, a very specific survival dynamic which logically justifies the absence of rapid travel.

Hello everyone ! We’re proud to be a part of the recent State of Play, and on behalf of the entire studio, I’d like to offer you some developer notes to accompany our first State of Play trailer.

This is the very first time that we are revealing the world map of Little Devil Inside, and we wanted to show you how the player moves on this map through one of the missions in the game.

To put it simply, we have tried to create a miniature and dynamic representation of the game world, with a “mockup” effect.

When you travel the world map, you will witness many events. Some are mandatory, but most of the time you will have the choice to take part or not.

Many of these are simple interactions that can be performed while staying on the world map, such as clearing a road or refueling at a gas station.

Of course, there will also be times when you can zoom in for immersive gameplay where you can complete the actions in real time, provide for Billy (the protagonist) and complete your missions.

Whatever the nature of the latter, you are free to navigate the world map.

You can travel on foot or on horseback (well, rather a mule…), but also with vehicles, such as the train. Traveling on foot is slower, but you will be able to reach places that are inaccessible to other means of transport.

Other aspects of the design that we wanted to show are the tone, style and pace of the game.

The goal is not to level up the character as fast as possible to complete all the content in no time.

Thus, the rhythm is thought to try to touch the emotions of the players by giving them enough time and space to soak up the atmosphere of the game. That is why there is no fast travel.

Of course, one of our technical challenges is to make the transition from world map view to real-time view as smooth as possible, and we’re working hard on that.

That’s all for us,

Take good care of yourself !

Unfortunately for the curious, still no period let alone a release date in sight for Little Devil Inside.

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