PlayStation: a PS5 / PS4 exclusive apparently listed on PC, soon an announcement?

Game news PlayStation: a PS5 / PS4 exclusive apparently listed on PC, soon an announcement?

Published on 10/27/2021 9:53 AM

Sony is slowly but surely approaching the PC, it is a fact and obvious. However, we wondered if the firm was ready to bring even more recent exclusives there and we (perhaps) have a first element of answer today.

After years of vigorously closed doors, Sony is gradually starting to open up to the outside world. First by allowing cross-play – and as much to say that it was not won – then by going to gently test the territory of the PC with the porting of its own games, like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone or God of War, the latter having been announced a few days ago. But according to a well-known site, it may well be that yet another software, from an iconic PlayStation franchise, will arrive one day on Windows.

LittleBigPlanet soon on Steam with Sackboy A Big Adventure?

SteamDB, a huge site listing all Steam information (even hidden), has just left appear some content “Marmalade”. Very quickly, Internet users tackled some research and their memory did not fail them since they remembered that “Marmalade” was the code name for Sacboy A Big Adventure, such asattach in the huge Steam data leak, last September.

And “Marmalade” could be a completely separate game and really named like this (hence the tweezers, always required), we must admit that this is a title that leaves you wondering and that coincides perfectly with politics from Sony: in addition, Sackboy A Big Adventure is not a title that has made a lot of talk about it and its porting would give it a new lease of life… and undoubtedly better profitability.

Sackboy, le Mario-Like de PlayStation

Announced during the reveal of the PS5 alongside the other big exclusives, Sackboy A BIg Adventure was then offered directly to the line-up of the machine in addition to a release on PS4. Alas, undoubtedly stifled by Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the game had not been very much talked about despite a completely satisfying adventure.

As a reminder, this is an ultra-colorful adventure platform game straight from the iconic LittleBigPlanet franchise: We follow Sackboy, the famous mascot, through dozens of 3D levels strewn with pitfalls and riddled with enemies. A title perfectly suited to both online and local cooperation, featuring successful musical levels, customization mechanics well known to fans of the saga and an appreciable good-natured atmosphere.

We imagine that the developers at SUMO Digital (who had already made LittleBigPlanet 3 at the time) like Sony would not be against a new attempt at seduction on PC : remains to be seen if this reference to “Marmalade” relates to Sackboy A Big Adventure, as now esteem a good part of the web.

PlayStation: a PS5 / PS4 exclusive apparently listed on PC, soon an announcement?PlayStation: a PS5 / PS4 exclusive apparently listed on PC, soon an announcement?

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PlayStation PS5 PS4 exclusive apparently listed announcement

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