Nintendo Switch: new N64 and Mega Drive games as well as another console spotted by dataminers

Game news Nintendo Switch: new N64 and Mega Drive games as well as another console spotted by dataminers

Published on 10/27/2021 12:46 PM

It was to be expected: now that the range of Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive games is available on Nintendo Switch Online, others should arrive soon as indicated by the datamining.

For a few hours now, Nintendo has finally launched its additional pack for the Nintendo Switch Online, its famous internet service also including a host of retro Nintendo and Super Nintendo games: it costs € 19.99 more per year and gives access to nine Nintendo 64 games and nine SEGA Mega Drive games, featuring 60Hz compatibility. And that was to be expected: the Japanese firm should expand its catalog with even… a new console in the future.

Dozens of additional N64 and Mega Drive games for Nintendo Switch Online

We therefore owe the find of the day to dataminers, these curious little ones whose role is to search the codes and files of an application to detect various and varied scoops. They therefore got down to rummaging in the depths of Nintendo Switch Online and their discovery is unequivocal: they found a total of 38 Nintendo 64 titles and 52 Mega Drive apps, to come in the next few days. Unfortunately, no name has been detected but we can obviously bet on a bunch of iconic titles of the time, which should not be missing.

In addition, always with reference to computer codes and references, dataminers believe that an unprecedented range, dedicated to a console not yet announced, should also make an appearance in the future. According to them, chances are it’s the Game Boy, the machine also having some undeniable nuggets.

If we try again and again to take a grain of salt in the face of this information (Nintendo’s plans can always change unexpectedly), these revelations are not surprising however when we know the politics of Nintendo, quite in this precise vein.

What games or consoles would you like to see on Nintendo Switch Online?

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Nintendo Switch N64 Mega Drive games console spotted dataminers

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