DJI Action 2 test: an interesting and original action-cam, but handicapped by its overheating

DJI Action 2 test: an interesting and original action-cam, but handicapped by its overheating
DJI Action 2 test: an interesting and original action-cam, but handicapped by its overheating

Video quality

The DJI Action 2 features a 1 / 1.7 “12 Mpx sensor with an optics opening at f / 2.8 and offering a very wide field angle of 155 °. The maximum definition is in 4K and 60 fps in 4/3 format. In 16/9 it is possible to recover 4K UHD up to 120 i / s. For fans of slow motion, the Action also allows capture in 240 i / s, but only in 1080p Finally, if you are a fan of livestream, the camera allows a broadcast in 1080p / 30 fps.

By default, the images offer “Normal” colorimetry with a fairly faithful rendering. Those who find this mode too saturated can opt for the “D-Cinelike” profile which offers a much more neutral image and that postproduction enthusiasts can modify at will.

D-Cinelike Colors

Normal Colors


The only real lack in this Action 2 is a format greater than 4K. At GoPro, the Hero10 Black offers a recording up to 5.3K, always useful for cropping. For the rest, the image of Action 2 is fairly well made, but it does not reach the level of the ONE R of Insta 360. With an equivalent format, the ONE R simply offers a more image. rich and more detailed.

Insta360 ONE R

DJI Action 2


To correct for distortion, DJI always uses the Dewarp function, which corrects the distortion effect of the super wide angle. The latter is very effective and manages to adjust the aspect of the video without losing too much quality despite the important cropping.

Ultra-wide angle with Dewarp

Ultra-wide angle without dewarp


the arrival of the maintenance of the horizon

The stabilization, called Rocksteady 2.0, has two types of corrections. The Rocksteady is a classic “crop” in the image which hardly seemed to us more evolved than that of Osmo Action. It works in all formats and does a decent job, but is not yet at the level of what GoPro offers. In addition to this stabilization, DJI also integrates a horizon keeping system (Horizonsteady). This feature will crop the image even further to compensate for camera roll.

An interesting function, but not necessarily as successful as on the Hero10 Black. In addition, the latter is only available up to 2.7K and 60 fps. We were able to observe a lot of vibrations in the image, especially when the brightness slightly drops. If you want to film any kind of lighting, it will even be easy to see them shine more than right.

Photo quality

In still photos, Action 2 can capture photos between ISO 100 and 6400. It has a manual mode and can “shoot” in raw (in .DNG format). The images are fairly well made up to ISO 400.




From 800 ISO, in Raw, a digital noise begins to appear, but it remains quite manageable up to 1600 ISO. After this level, the noise becomes too present. In Jpeg, the same problem occurs, but with an additional smoothing. Processing is most visible at ISO 800 and remains acceptable up to ISO 1600. Beyond that, the image irreparably loses quality.


DJI Action test interesting original actioncam handicapped overheating

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