WhatsApp: the application inaccessible on some phones on November 1st, what solutions exist?

The WhatsApp application will stop working properly from November 1 on around 40 phone models. We give you the list of smartphones concerned and the solutions that exist.

Notice to fans of old school smartphones: the WhatsApp messaging application will stop the support of certain old versions of Android and iOS (the operating systems of smartphones) as of November 1st. Their operating systems were released eight and five years ago, respectively, and they are considered too old to support future updates to WhatsApp.

We also revealed to you the list of phones concerned. Fortunately, solutions exist to overcome this problem and continue to chat freely.

How to avoid ending up at the foot of the wall?

1. Update your phone

2. Give priority to smartphones with Android 4.1 and higher, iPhone with iOS 10 and higher, some basic mobile phones with KaiOS 2.5.1 and higher.

3. All is not lost: according to the site dedicated to high-tech PhonAndroid, if the application is already installed on these mobiles, it should still be possible to continue using it after the deadliner, but some features are susceptible to bug.

In total, around forty models of smartphones are affected.


WhatsApp application inaccessible phones November #1st solutions exist

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