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Intel has not yet presented the new Alder Lake processors and yet a first dealer has already sold the upcoming flagship CPU. At the same time, the packaging in which Intel will probably deliver the Core i9-12900K was also unveiled – and it is quite spectacular.

It will only take a few days, then, in all likelihood, Intel will present the new Alder Lake generation at the innovation event. Board partners like ASUS ROG seem theirs Boards with Z690 chipset probably also to be presented on October 27th. There was a first look at the boards this week after ASUS published the first teaser pictures.

Dealer sold the processor before launch!

A user has now posted interesting pictures on Reddit and apparently was able to get hold of the new Intel flagship before the official launch. An unspecified dealer had probably already listed the processor in the shop and twice for US $ 610 each sold to the user. At the end of September, was able to get hold of the first pictures of the new packaging, which now seem to be confirmed.

Pictures: Imgur / Montage: Allround-PC

Intel delivers the CPU in spectacular packaging. So the Core i9 comes in a slightly larger, blue box with large lettering therefore. Inside there is one flat, golden box with “wafer” design. In the end there is the Core i9-12900K, protected in a plastic case and surrounded by foam.

Although the Reddit user now owns an as yet unreleased CPU, corresponding motherboards are not yet available (or at least were not also sold by mistake). But do you still remember the launch of the Rocket Lake processors in the spring of this year? There, too, there were seduced sales through online shops – not days, but weeks beforehand.

Is Intel pushing ahead of AMD again?

The upcoming 12th generation processors have also repeatedly shown themselves in benchmarks. The Core i9-12900K seems to do well in a Cinebench R20 run even pushing past AMD’s Ryzen 9 5950X – both for single-core and multi-core performance. So we are very excited to see whether Intel will take the reins again with Alder Lake.


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