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Hearthstone Mercenaries: How to quickly collect Mercenary Coins?

Indispensable for upgrading heroes, Mercenary coins are a commodity that must be cultivated. Fortunately, there are several ways to recover it: combat pit, quests, bonuses … Everything is sifted through in this guide.

Stock up on coins in Hearthstone Mercenaries

Mercenary Coins are the primary resource for every player in Hearthstone Mercenaries. It is thanks to them that it is possible to create and improve each hero. As in all games, there are several ways to get them back. Of course, the most optimal way to collect coins is to play on a regular basis. The player must therefore define which Hearthstone Mercenary he wants to play.


  • Stock up on coins in Hearthstone Mercenaries
  • Bonuses
  • Task objectives
  • The fighting pit
  • Quests and packages


Main content of the single player campaign, bounties is the most efficient way to collect coins from specific mercenaries. It is the first mode that the player finds on his way: it consists of a series of fights with a final confrontation. This last successful fight, the player recovers a chest containing several pieces of mercenaries. The amount of coins varies depending on the region and the difficulty: the more the player advances in the campaign, the more coins he will have (Blackrock Mountain> Winterspring> Felwood> The Barrens). Each bounty grants specific coins. For example, that of the mad bomber (the seventh of the Barrens) offers randomly parts concerning Tavish, Rathorian and Old Trouble Eye. Rewards are displayed by clicking on the chest above the bounty name, when selected. That being said, it is necessary to tap the word randomly because it is not guaranteed to receive the parts concerning the three mercenaries : It is also possible, for example, to recover only Tavish coins in this case.

Once the bounty is over, it also grants Mercenary Coins for a member of the team hired on the bounty. Ultimately, it is therefore interesting to do the same bonus several times where it is possible to have the parts of the character that you want to improve. For example, I want to collect coins to improve Blademaster Samuro : it suffices to repeat in a loop the bonus of the Barrens concerning the‘Apothecary Helbrim with Samuro in his team to multiply the chances of recovering his coins.

Task objectives

As mentioned previously, the bounties are sequences of fights. But more precisely, they are “rooms” that the player passes through (as in Slay the Spire). And fortunately, there is not only fights to be done! Certain stages of the wanted notice are symbolized by a circle with a sort of spiral (see below). It’s a mystery event that varies with each new bounty. In some cases, it may be a mysterious alien : he then submits a choice to the player. Among three characters of his team (chosen randomly), he must select the hero who must come to visit the village. This quest then appears on the village campfire.

In other words, the chosen mercenary benefits from a mercenary task, a kind of quest concerning him. Once this is completed, the player collects 50 coins from the mercenaries in question. There are at least 7 per character, so don’t hesitate! Also note: it is very important to have a regularly empty campfire, so that quests can appear. Otherwise, the mysterious stranger leaves and gives only a handful of coins.

The fighting pit

No panic either for players who only want to measure their level to others. The combat pit, a building that represents PvP mode, also allows you to earn mercenary coins. On the other hand, it is necessary to count on his talent since only the victory counts to recover the money so desired. Two systems exist: the first depends on the number of victories achieved per day, while the other depends on the odds.

  • Daily rewards : Every day, it is possible to collect between 15 and 20 coins from five random mercenaries. And this is possible several times! It is enough to chain the victories to multiply the rewards. After resetting the game (at 00h00 French time), you just have to win a match to get the chest. Once this first victory has been gleaned, you have to win two matches. Then three. Then four. And so on.
  • Furthermore, victories allow you to improve your rating. The odds are a number corresponding to a player’s position on a leaderboard and the higher this number, the stronger the player. To encourage players to climb this leaderboard (also called ladder), rewards are offered at different levels. The higher the level reached, the more enticing the rewards (middle image above).

Quests and packages

In combination with all the means explained in this article, there is still one way to enrich your mercenary coins account: these are packages and quests. Each day, Toki invites himself to the campfire and offers to make two bounties in exchange for random coins.

Finally, it is also possible to collect Mercenary Coins in packages of the same name and contain (between 30 and 50) random Mercenary Coins. Around ten packages can be collected throughout the adventure, and some can be purchased with real money or gold coins (100). If an entire article could be written on how best to raise money golds, on note that at this moment t Hearthstone is poorly optimized and offers little with Mercenaries. Therefore, the most effective solution is to complete the rewards pass quests which are located on the main menu.. Completed challenges, daily and weekly, grant experience that grants gifts including gold.

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