Splash Damage at work on a new science fiction license

The British studio behind Gears Tactics, acquired last year by Tencent, returned to the forefront today. It is via a post on their official website that we learn that the studio is working on a brand new IP.

We’re excited to announce that one of our current projects is a brand new game, set in an original sci-fi universe.

After several collaborations on licenses known as Wolfenstein or Halo, it is a return to a home project. Celebrating its twentieth anniversary in the industry, Splash Damage is planning several recruitments for this title. Thus, there is a listing for an artistic director, a lead level designer or even a development director. It is therefore a will of the studio to embark on a large-scale project.


What genre will this project belong to? Hard to say. We can only assume by approaching the comments made by Richard Jolly, head of the studio, during the takeover:

We’ve always been focused on creating team games that spark friendships and create passionate communities, and we strive to work with partners who share this mission.

Until then, a lot can happen. In any case, that makes one more game to add to our radar!


Splash Damage work science fiction license

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