Screen isn’t the only innovation

Screen isn’t the only innovation
Screen isn’t the only innovation

The new Nintendo Switch OLED advertises primarily with the improved glass display. But that’s not the only innovation, as experts are now showing in the teardown.

The experts at iFixit show: The screen is not the only innovation on the Nintendo Switch OLED


the essentials in brief

  • The new version of the Nintendo Switch with a glass display has recently hit the market.
  • Experts are now showing in a video: It’s not just the screen that has been redesigned.
  • There are also some innovations on the inside, but they shouldn’t change the gameplay.

At first glance, the new Nintendo Switch OLED hardly differs from the previous model. Only the glass display can be seen clearly. But now experts from “iFixit” show in a teardown video: There have been some major changes to the interior compared to the original model from 2019.

The hinges for the enlarged stand of the Switch need significantly more space in the interior. Another change can be seen in the cooling system. The iFixit expert suspects that this is smaller than the previous model, probably because the improved chip emits less heat.

There is good news with the Joy-Cons: Even old controllers are compatible with the Nintendo Switch OLED. In addition, they sit a little tighter on the screen and can hardly be moved by shaking them. However, the experts find no visible trace of the improvement announced by Nintendo, which is supposed to prevent the dreaded Joy-Con drift.

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