Sony turns its back on Free Mobile and won’t move a finger

VoLTE: Sony turns its back on Free Mobile and will not move a finger

Sony is adamant that activating Free Mobile VoLTE on its smartphones is no.

Injustice when you hold us. Currently in public beta at Free Mobile, VoLTE inevitably poses the problem of compatibility. In response to several misunderstandings among its subscribers, the former troublemaker has been playing the transparency card for a few days to explain why many smartphone models are not yet compatible. “NOTur VoLTE is compatible with all phones that support the service, and we have allowed manufacturers who wanted to run tests for several months ” he said this week. And to add that if the option is not visible on a smartphone, it is then necessary to turn to the manufacturer, which must then carry out an update.

If it is possible to find on a dedicated page the compatible models and those to come from the operator of Xavier Niel, one brand is missing: Sony. If the Japanese manufacturer has activated VoLTE from Orange, SFR and Bouygues on a number of its models, Sony France has informed Free Mobile that it will not do “No update to activate VoLTE on mobile phones already on the market. Nor on those to come ”, inique this October 14 the operator. For subscribers wishing to take advantage of voice over 4G from Free Mobile, Sony should therefore be avoided.


Sony turns Free Mobile wont move finger

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