New Innovation Made In Activision: Anti-cheat Teasing

New Innovation Made In Activision: Anti-cheat Teasing
New Innovation Made In Activision: Anti-cheat Teasing

This is through a tweet on the

, that Activision unveils the future anti-cheat, which will be released at the same time as the new map for Call of Duty Warzone. Named Ricochet, he doesn’t sound particularly revolutionary, but his dedicated team seems confident in hunting down and punishing future cheaters. A poorly translated blog post details how it works:

  • server-side tools to analyze player behavior thanks to the machine learning
  • a “kernel-level” driver, with privileged access to monitor software that attempts to interact with the game
  • the driver would only work when the game is started to respect the privacy of the players
  • without forgetting the taking into account of reports players
The anti-cheat logo almost makes you want more than the game

The developers also plan to roll it out to Call of Duty: Vanguard at a later date. If you want more info on Ricochet, you can check out the Call of Duty bog, or the FAQ on the subject. Do not hesitate to change the language if the formulations seem strange to you, a priori, it is not only the analysis of the behavior of the players that benefits from the machine learning at Activision.

The next Call of Duty: Warzone update, titled Pacific, and containing the new map, does not yet have a release date, unlike Call of Duty: Vanguard which is scheduled for November 5 on at price of 60 €.


Innovation Activision Anticheat Teasing

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