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He copied the Thief Gentleman, but it went wrong and after all that happened he probably realized that reality has nothing to do with fiction. Inspired by the daring heists of the famous thief of Lupin, he tried to imitate him and failed miserably. Indeed, a 21-year-old young man was reported for aggravated theft after attempting to search a church oratory. The young thief had taken action on the evening of Saturday, October 9, 2021. Enjoying the sound of the bells of a church nearby, he broke the glass of the front door of a refreshment bar on entering the restaurant. interior.

After rummaging behind the counter and opening the cash register, he rushed out the back door. Noantri’s Lupine just brought home three bottles of drinks (orange juice, grapefruit and lemonade) and 21 euros. When the alarm went off, the Carabinieri Besana Brianza had arrived in the bar and found abundant traces of blood attributable to the injuries the thief had obtained by breaking the glass door of the bar. During the night, the riflemen managed to find the identity of the thief. A phone call arrived at the Carabinieri operations center.

Already known for various crimes

An individual declared that he had just been robbed and injured by three young men of North African origin who, after breaking a glass bottle, hit him several times causing deep wounds in the arms. During the call, the man also said he was in a car with a stranger he had just asked to drive him to his home. The riflemen then reached the home of the 21-year-old. Indeed, the young man, already known for various crimes, first gave a completely invented cover, immediately sensed by the police.

He collaborated with the police

At that moment, the boy, leaning against the wall, did not hold out and, bursting into tears, admitted to being the author of the theft at the refreshment bar. St. Joseph. The 21-year-old young man, in the history of the robbery, then wanted to be 100% honest with the riflemen. He explained that he deliberately waited for the bell to strike for the sound to cover the broken glass. In fact, he copied a scene from the television series “Lupine” which aired on Netflix.

He worked with the military to piece together the facts by putting on a pink T-shirt and blood-soaked jeans and finding the jacket he had left behind. Indeed, he was only inspired by the television series Netflix « Lupin », Freely inspired by the novels of Maurice Leblanc with the famous thief Arsenius Lupine. The protagonist of the series is the French actor Omar Sy, already known for the film ” Almost Friends ».

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