Intel is not considering any cryptocurrency anti-mining mechanism for its Arc Alchemist graphics cards

A rather understandable choice for entering a new market.

Regarding cryptocurrency mining, Intel seems, for its upcoming Arc GPUs, to adopt the same posture as AMD, consisting of taking no action against minors. In a recent interview with Gadgets 360, Raja Koduri and Roger Chandler touched on the subject. It shows that Intel will not implement a system limiting the capacities of its products, as NVIDIA did with its RTX 3000 LHR series (Lite Hash Rate).

Here is what Roger Chandler said: “When it comes to software locks and things of that nature, we don’t, at this point, design any products or features that specifically target minors. In terms of steps we might take to divert them from our products, that’s not a priority for us. “

Raja Koduri cautious about Arc Alchemist GPU availability

AMD explained its position on the mining issue last March, a few days after the launch of the CMP HX GPUs (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor) by NVIDIA. Now that we have a little perspective on the two opposing attitudes adopted by the two companies, they do not seem to have resulted in any noticeable differences in the DIY market, either in terms of availability or price increases.

Graphics card prices have been on the rise since July

Regarding Intel’s position, it is all in all quite logical: it is difficult for a new entrant to risk depriving itself or even alienating potential customers.

Moreover, regarding the availability of Arc Alchemist GPUs when they arrive, Raja Koduri remains quite cautious and refuses to make predictions. “We will arrive as the third actor. I would remain very cautious, especially in a context where demand is so high and the market so unpredictable. One can always wish for more offer. I am therefore not going to say that I will have enough supply to offer in this high demand market. I think each of my competitors will say the same thing right now. “

Recall that Intel has entrusted the production of the Arc Alchemist GPUs to TSMC (6 nm), which could logically have an impact on AMD’s offer, whose RDNA 2 GPUs are engraved in 7 nm by the Taiwanese founder. NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs are 8nm by Samsung.

Intel Arc graphics cards will get software support for overclocking upon launch

Source : Gadgets 360


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