It freezes in hell: the iPad turns into an external screen for a Windows PC thanks to the Luna Display

Using an iPad as a second screen on a Mac has been possible for a while thanks to Sidecar, a feature that was introduced in macOS Catalina and that came years after third-party solutions like Luna Display. Astropad therefore had to go out of his way to improve and improve its Luna Display, in order to remain a viable alternative to the integration of Apple.

In May, Astropad unveiled a substitute for the target display mode between two Macs, a function unfortunately abandoned by Apple in 2014. And it is far from over! After a Kickstarter campaign last year, the studio has just launched version 5 of Luna Display which allows, heartily, to transform the iPad into an external screen for… a Windows PC!

To benefit from it, you must have a PC running Windows 10, an iPad running iPadOS 12.1 minimum, as well as a Luna Display module. If we already have a dongle USB-C, just update it by downloading version 5.0 of the companion software on your Mac or PC. Otherwise, the accessory is sold for $ 129.99 with a USB-C or HDMI connector; a price which by the way increased by $ 30, but for the launch Astropad makes a discount of 20% (until October 15).


freezes hell iPad turns external screen Windows Luna Display

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