Apple would develop health features for AirPods

Apple would develop health features for AirPods
Apple would develop health features for AirPods

Health is a very important area for Apple. And currently, on the Apple Watch, the company already offers a good number of features, some of which, such as the ECG, which can save lives.

But for a while, a rumor has been circulating about health features the company is developing for its wireless headphones, the AirPods. And today, it is becoming clearer.

In a recent article, our colleagues at MacRumours relay a publication from the Wall Street Journal about prototypes that are currently in development at Apple. The firm would like to integrate sensors into AirPods so that they can provide health features.

For example, wireless headphones could incorporate a thermometer that will monitor the user’s temperature. Apple could also provide the product with motion sensors capable of tracking the user’s posture, to alert the user to poor posture which can have an impact on his health.

Not on AirPods 3

As a reminder, Apple should soon launch the AirPods 3. It is possible that the company will unveil these new headphones at the next keynote, this October.

Still, the health features the Wall Street Journal hinted at wouldn’t arrive until 2022. And it’s also possible that they never will.

As usual, since this information is not official, it should be viewed with caution. But given the importance of health features to Apple, it would make sense for Apple to consider offering them on AirPods.

A few months ago, during an interview with the TechCrunch site, Kevin Lynch, VP of Technology at the Cupertino company, suggested that this would be a possibility. In addition, Apple has already conducted a study showing that the microphones of AirPods could be used to measure the user’s respiratory rate.

And it should be remembered that recently, Apple has deployed a feature on the AirPods Pro that allows the user to better hear his interlocutor. Officially, this feature does not replace hearing aids.

But according to MacRumours’ explanation, that could change next year. Indeed, the FDA, the American regulator, would like to create a new class of hearing aids for mild or moderate hearing loss. And AirPods Pro might well fall into that category.

Apple AirPods Pro

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