Google is working on the AR presentation of rare species

Google’s latest research is focused on the augmented reality presentation of endangered species. These animals are distributed in different countries of the world like Sweden. Many future generations may never know them in terms of the means necessary for such a journey. This is why Google has chosen to offer the possibility to its users to discover five endangered species from their smartphone.

An augmented reality presentation

The augmented reality is a high technology which consists in increasing the perception of a product by the combination of the real world and the virtual world in real time. In other words, it is a 3D presentation of a product. Thus, by browsing the Google application, wherever they are, users will be able to watch the rare animals located in Sweden.

The presentation will take into account the cries of these animals and their movement just like a site visit to their place.

What are these rare animals?

Those endangered species are the white-backed woodpecker, lynx, arctic fox, harbor porpoise and carder bee, respectively. Currently, they are the subject of specific protection in order to preserve the continuity of their species.

Certainly, the vision of these animals on mobile will not replace a visit on the spot. However, Google is doing its best to make it as close to reality as possible. The multinational company keeps adding more precise digital data such as the microscopic cell structures of these animals to this AR presentation.

Commitment to the protection of biodiversity

Google would like to educate its users to ensure the protection of these rare animals. For this, he decided to collaborate with a Swedish society for the conservation of nature. This collaboration then allows Google users to discover five Swedish protected animals.

This Google commitment to the protection of endangered species coincides with the UN biodiversity conference being held this week.

This cooperation with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation is not Google’s first AR presentation project. Remember that there are already several other animals that have completely disappeared, such as dinosaurs, but which remain available in 3D on Google. Moreover, Google invites its users to discover planets and satellites in 3D version on its application.

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