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Metroid Dread, speedrun: first world record, game over in less than 100 minutes

News tip Metroid Dread, speedrun: first world record, game over in less than 100 minutes

Published on 10/13/2021 5:29 PM

Released just a few days ago, Metroid Dread is already delighting the most talented pad players. The speedrunners, whose objective is to finish the games as quickly as possible, already finish the last Nintendo Switch exclusive in less than 1 hour 40 minutes, and this without dying to top it off!

You will probably not have missed it: Metroid Dread is a game with a lively and nervous gameplay, well helped in this by an impeccable animation of its heroine and a constant 60fps framerate. The latest creation of MercurySteam is suddenly a blessing for speedrunners, particularly active on the Metroid series! This is how impressive first world records are already invading the internet, less than a week after the game’s release …

A first world record under 100 minutes!

The exploit of the day is to be put to the credit of the speedrunner Hardpelicn, which completed the last Nintendo Switch exclusive in exactly 1 hour, 38 minutes and 33 hundredths of a second (or 98 minutes 33). The performance is all the more impressive as this particularly gifted player has completed Metroid Dread without dying a single time! This constitutes a remarkable performance not only in view of the particularly demanding aspect of the game, but of the “chance” factor (the famous RNG well known to fans of this type of practice) caused by the appearances of EMMI, Samus’ recurring enemy in this latest adventure.

Without further ado, we let you appreciate the feat of Hardpelicn, which does not content itself with exploiting the good old “sequence breaks” or bomb jumps to achieve this amazing time:

Metroid Dread Complete Solution Summary

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Metroid Dread speedrun world record game minutes

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