Securely revealing passwords is now possible

Securely revealing passwords is now possible
Securely revealing passwords is now possible

Called Psst! – for Password Secure Sharing Tool (secure password sharing tool) – the service works a bit like a document from the Google suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) to which you give access to a limited number of people or to members of an organization.

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1Password suggests generating a secure URL containing the connection identifiers, accessible for a period of 1 hour to 30 days, depending on the parameters chosen by the Internet user. If the sending is to one person only, the latter must validate their identity using a code sent to their email address before having access to the data.

According to a study conducted by 1Password, 36% of workers admit to sharing their login information with co-workers or their customers. These people transmit this data through insecure channels, such as email, messaging applications, spreadsheets, documents, or text messages.

Another survey from the password management company, which has some 100,000 business customers, found that families tended to share their credentials among their members, also in unsafe ways, such as by texting or on the phone. writing.

The ability to give passwords and other credentials outside of a business or family has been one of the most requested features [à 1Password].

A quote from:Jeff Shiner, PDG de 1Password

No need to have an account with the company to be able to access the information contained in the link. Only an account is needed for the person or company that owns the password.


Securely revealing passwords

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