The Universe would have always existed, according to scientists

The Universe would have always existed, according to scientists
The Universe would have always existed, according to scientists

What if time has no beginning? Physicists at the University of Liverpool in the UK developed this fascinating hypothesis in a recent article. Based on a particular theory of quantum gravity, they suggest that the Universe simply … always existed.

A universe without beginning or end?

Reality has so much that most people would associate with science fiction or even fantasy.“, laughs Bruno Bento, physicist behind the work on the nature of time at the University of Liverpool, in the United Kingdom.

“In the original formulation and dynamics of the causal set, classically speaking, a causal set develops from nothing to end up in the Universe we see today. In our work, on the contrary, there is no would not have a Big Bang as a beginning, because the causal set would be infinite until the past, and therefore there is always something before. “

According to the hypothesis put forward by the researcher, space and time would be broken down into several “atoms” of space-time. Contrary to current physical theories, they suggest that space and time are discontinuous. Thus, they would have neither a beginning nor an end. What then is the Big Bang? Well, this would be a special moment in this development.

The theory of causal sets

“The theory of causal sets is largely based on the fact that the passage of time is something physical, that it should not be attributed to some kind of illusion, or to something happening in our brain and would make us believe that time is passing. The passage of time is, in itself, a manifestation of this physical theory “, explains the scientist.

I was overjoyed to find this theory, which not only tries to be as basic as possible, by rethinking the notion of space-time itself, but which also gives a central role to time and to what physically means the passage of time, the physical reality of the past, and the pre-existence (or not) of the future. “

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