Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink: Complete SSD package for the PS5

Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink: Complete SSD package for the PS5
Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink: Complete SSD package for the PS5

In stores from November 2021: the new Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink (Figure: Samsung)

One of the most popular SSD hard drives for the PlayStation 5 will soon also be available with a permanently installed heat sink: What the Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink costs.

“You wish we play”: With this humorous headline, Samsung announces an SSD hard drive for the PlayStation 5 included Heatsink – until now, Samsung only offered models without Heatsink on. The novelty bears the obvious name “Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink”.

Background: If you want to expand the internal storage space of your PlayStation 5, you have to rely on fast SSD hard drives from third-party providers. The installation requires some preparation, but is also feasible for laypeople. Choosing the right heat sink is trickier, firstly, which reliably tames the temperature of the hard drive and, secondly, thanks to its height, it fits into the tightly dimensioned device. Sony Interactive mentions the technical specifications, but does not otherwise make any recommendations for individual manufacturers.

If you have been undecided so far, the Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink is a complete package that is ideal for beginners. According to Samsung, the target group is primarily “Heavy users whose gaming behavior pushes PCs and consoles to their limits”. But of course the memory expansion is a great blessing for every PS5 user who wants to run several space-intensive blockbusters in parallel.

According to Samsung, it took only three months to develop the model: Sony Interactive only published the exact requirements at the end of July – the associated operating system update has only been available since mid-September. In the manufacturer’s own test scenario, “remarkable performance at low temperature “ shown. In addition, the new Samsung SSD is able to reduce the fan operation of PCs and game consoles.

The Samsung SSD 980 Pro Heatsink will be available from the beginning of November 2021 in capacities of 1 TB (RRP € 219.90) and 2 TB (RRP € 419.90). For comparison: the Samsung 980 Pro without Heatsink (1 TB) currently costs around € 170 * – plus the corresponding heat sink.

You can find more information about SSD hard drives for the PlayStation 5 in this market overview.


Samsung Pro Heatsink Complete SSD package PS5

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