Codemasters (F1 2021): Under the leadership of EA, the studio teases a huge project!

Game news Codemasters (F1 2021): Under the leadership of EA, the studio teases a huge project!

Published on 10/09/2021 1:45 PM

10 months ago, Codemasters was bought by EA, whose offer was visibly interesting than that formulated by Take-Two. Specialized in racing games, with the F1 series, of course, but also with the DiRT and GRID series.

Right now, Codemasters are working on GRID Legends, but a studio of this stature rarely has all of their eggs in one basket by only working on one project at a time. It is therefore not very surprising to see the studio recruiting for other games not yet announced. Where this all gets interesting is that the ads posted by Codemasters and relayed by Xboxygen give some clues as to the magnitude of what awaits us. Currently, the studio is looking for a Development Manager and Senior Manager Engineering, simply by announcing that they will be attached to the largest and most ambitious project developed for more than 10 years.

Under the direction of the Development Director and with the support of the production team, you will help manage the production of the studio’s next key project, which promises to be the most ambitious and biggest game Codemasters has made in over 20 years. of a decade!

Obviously the identity of the title remains unknown, so all options are on the table. So we think of the different licenses of the studio, but also at WRC, since Codemasters bought the license from Kylotonn for operate it from 2023 to 2027 ! Other information, monitoring of DiRT 5 should end soon. In the second ad, we can indeed read:

The team has worked hard to support DiRT 5 since its launch with lots of additional content, and as that support comes to an end, we are already in the process of designing the next AAA project.

This gives the direction taken by Codemasters, which now belongs to Electronic Arts.

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Codemasters leadership studio teases huge project

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