Booba is jubilant after the Instagram outage

And let loose on … Twitter, of course.

The Duke is always a winner. To believe that he has a lucky star above his head. While he was banned from Instagram several months ago following breaches of network policy and especially ferocious attacks against his enemies, Rohff in the lead, he had to resolve to join Twitter to continue to s’ Express. Well, in fact, he happily uses the account of La Piraterie and thus bypass Instagram’s decision. But when the network crashes shaken by a global blackout, Booba, no doubt resentful, can not help celebrating this technical problem with a certain jubilation as we can see on the video he posted on Twitter in which he is happily rejoices.

“It’s the pirateeyyyyy !!! That will teach you how to banish the Duke! Two three calls to Beijing and presto Markzoubida

“Life in real life ????‍☠️ I hope it will stay like that !!! We will see who is who “

In a video, he lets go completely.

“Well then bunch of shit, we can no longer mythologize there. The talentless, eh, the influence that says what? What lease?”

“When you look for GAFAs with your flat ass”

If everything is back to normal, the big blackout that hit Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger will at least have made one happy.

Yes, yes, he’s resentful …


Booba jubilant Instagram outage

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