Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Sora, Master Chief, Crash Bandicoot… Who will be the last character of the Nintendo Switch excluded?

Game news Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Sora, Master Chief, Crash Bandicoot… Who will be the last character of the Nintendo Switch excluded?

Published on 10/04/2021 5:18 PM

As the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate character is set to be unveiled tomorrow, Tuesday, October 5, Twitter is racing. Rumors and leaks are resurfacing everywhere, and Masahiro Sakurai, who heads the series, does not hesitate to add fuel to the fire. Will it be Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Master Chief or Crash Bandicoot? We answer you in this article.

As usual, the presentation of a new character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a special event. Even more this time, since tomorrow, Tuesday October 5, 2021 at 4 p.m. French time, Nintendo’s box will welcome its latest hero, in a presentation called “the ultimate meeting”. “Even if you don’t play the game, let me recommend you watch it if you are interested in the video game” indicates on Twitter Masahiro Sakurai, author and director of the series, who has been dealing with video formats dedicated to new competitors since the beginning. “The new fighter might be a character you don’t know. Or a different character than you expected. But I hope you enjoy the show itself, I had fun recording it. “

Sora in pole position

After these statements, Twitter got carried away. The keyword “Smash” found its way into the platform’s trends, as did the name of the character who wins the most votes: Sora from the series Kingdom Hearts. It’s not for nothing. In February 2020, he was named by 3,000 Japanese players as the most anticipated hero in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, after a survey produced by Inside Games. Above all, Sora’s name was already mentioned last July, by a user of the 4chan social network:

“I work for Disney Music, Nintendo called last week to request the rights to several songs from Kingdom Hearts to use in a digital event on October 5th. Sora is the last character of Smash ” – Source : 4chan (via l’Express)

Most disturbing, of course, is that the date of October 5 was cited months before Nintendo’s official announcement. Nevertheless, Masahiro Sakurai’s words suggest an unprecedented hero who could surprise. And if you ever wonder, no, the name of his Twitter account – “@Sora_Sakorai”- is not a teaser. Sora is also the name of the company that Sakurai founded in 2005. On the social network, players are very divided as to the potential arrival of the character from Kingdom Hearts.

Halo, Crash Bandicoot…

But he’s not the only fighter who could be announced tomorrow. Rumors also evoke the Master Chief, hero of the Halo series. It is also a message of the official account of the license that ignited the powder, in 2019. “If you could bring a character into Smash, who would it be?” the Twitter Gaming page asked. The Halo account responded with an image of Halo Infinite, where you can see the legs and helmet of the Master Chief. Above all, Microsoft – which owns the rights to the series – is no stranger to the Smash Ultimate universe, as other of its headliners (Steve and Alex from Minecraft and Banjo & Kazooie) have been among the heroes. added in DLC. An exchange of good practices that could be repeated. The names of Crash Bandicoot, Jonesy from Fortnite or Waluigi are also often mentioned. We will have to wait until tomorrow to get to the bottom of it. See you at 4 p.m. French time.

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