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HDD? SSD? Which storage is the most reliable? (partial response inside)

Reports from Backblaze, company specializing in online storage, are always very interesting. But the next one is to take a step back as it compares the failure rates of SSDs and hard drives over different time periods.

The company has in fact renewed part of its fleet of disks used to start servers in 2018, while the prices of SSDs were falling sharply. And this is where the analysis begins, with much older hard disks opposite. The figures are therefore considered taking into account the age of the products, but it will be interesting to see in a year or two the evolution of the figures for SSDs.


Because currently, the curves for hard disks and SSDs do not start in exactly the same way, with lower percentages. On the other hand, we can base ourselves on other figures to get a little idea.

The company thus compares 1666 SSD for Q2-2021 with an average seniority of 14.2 months of hard disks, 1297 on Q4 2017 with an average seniority of 14.3 months, which remains very close. And for SSDs, the failure rate is 1.05% compared to 1.38% for hard drives. But as we said, we will have more perspective in a few months, if not years.

For those who are passionate about numbers, head to the source to discover the full report.

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