Riot Games unites its games in a single launcher

Riot Games unites its games in a single launcher
Riot Games unites its games in a single launcher

Valorant, League of Legends … Riot in turn gives way to the fashion of unique clients, and will bring all of its games together in a single launcher.

Riot has just announced the upcoming release of its “brand new”Launcher, called Riot Client. As it stands, the studio’s various games already all have an individual version of the same launcher; but very soon, it will be possible to access all of the studio’s titles from a single hub. What to jump from Teamfight Tactics To Valuing Passing by League of Legends, Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra in the blink of an eye.

We wanted to develop a client that gives the best possible experience and allows you to jump into your favorite game while still retaining the opportunity to explore all that Riot has to offer.”, Explains the studio in the corresponding press release.

On this new launcher, each game will have its own product page. This will allow the game to be launched, but will also play the role of a hub for everything related to the title in question: news related to e-sports, update notes, upcoming events …

Individual shortcuts remain available

On the other hand, it will always be possible to keep individual shortcuts on your desktop. Good news for those who only play a Riot game, or who like to accumulate icons on their desktop. The studio also specifies that there will be “nothing to download or install manually”. We therefore do not yet know by what means the launcher will be deployed.

This new client will arrive on September 20. It will then be tested in real conditions for a few weeks. If these tests are successful, Riot should deploy the launcher permanently from the October 4. This date remains hypothetical, however, and will depend directly on the stability of said launcher.

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