SpaceX tourists spoke to Tom Cruise from space

SpaceX tourists spoke to Tom Cruise from space
SpaceX tourists spoke to Tom Cruise from space

Space tourists currently orbiting Earth aboard a SpaceX spacecraft chatted with famed actor Tom Cruise from space, the mission’s account announced on Friday.

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They will also be live on Youtube around 5:00 pm Friday to “take stock of their trip over several days,” SpaceX announced in a tweet.

“Rook, Nova, Hanks and Leo spoke to Tom Cruise today,” the official Inspiration4 mission account tweeted earlier, using the nicknames of these first four private passengers to fly with SpaceX.

They “shared their experience from space” with the actor, the tweet said. “Maverick, you can be our winger whenever you want.”

Maverick is the name of the elite pilot played by Tom Cruise in the movie “Top Gun”.

Last year, former NASA administrator under Donald Trump, Jim Bridenstine, announced a weightless film project, starring Tom Cruise, aboard the International Space Station.

However, no details have been delivered for the moment on the project, which should be done in cooperation with SpaceX.

The four Inspiration4 passengers – billionaire Jared Isaacman and three other Americans – took off Wednesday night from Florida. They are currently flying farther than the International Space Station, and the mission is scheduled to last three days in total.


SpaceX tourists spoke Tom Cruise space

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