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Whatsapp: The new emojis are coming – everyone will love one

Whatsapp: The new emojis are coming – everyone will love one
Whatsapp: The new emojis are coming – everyone will love one

New emojis on Whatsapp: The final list of the Unicode standard in version 14.0 is now fixed. A total of 37 brand new icons are included – some are already being celebrated.

Germany – The new emojis should actually be presented in the first quarter of this year. But here too, Corona has thwarted the bill. In September the Unicode Consortium finally presented the final list of the new emojis (more news about everything digital on RUHR24).

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Whatsapp: 37 new emojis have been announced – with real highlights

In addition to the English platform Emojipedia, the Unicode Consortium also includes technology giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook. Once a year, they set new standards for smartphones – including new emojis. on

the Unicode Consortium shares this picture about the new emojis:

A selection of the new emoji characters.

© Twitter/Emojipedia

With version 14.0 of the Unicode standard, there will be a total of 838 new characters – including 37 emoji characters. As always, the highlights include the completely new smileys, such as these:

new smiley meaning
the melting face disappear, melt
Face with a peeking eye tied up, stare, look
Face greets with hand on forehead yes, greetings, okay. troops
dotted face – with lines hide, disappear, introverted, invisible
Face holds back tears cry, proud, angry, sad, resist

New emojis on Whatsapp and Co .: Some are already popular

In particular, the face, which holds back its tears, will probably be loved by many smartphone users. Because the very similar “pleading face” with the big eyes and the previous emoji with only a tear on the face were popular with many users.


New emoji: face holding back tears.

© Twitter/Emojipedia

The “melting face” is already enjoying great popularity on social media. Likewise the hands that form a heart.

Whatsapp and Co .: New emojis are coming – “pregnant man” causes discussion on the net

On the other hand, the pregnant man, who will soon be available on all cell phones, is causing a lively discussion. While some celebrate the idea, others find it superfluous or strange.

In social media, for example, it is already assumed that this would always be used when someone feels “too full” after eating. And indeed, according to the decision-makers, this is also a meaning – because in addition to “pregnant”, the symbol also means “bloated” or “full belly”. A picture from


New emoji: pregnant man

© Twitter/Emojipedia

Whatsapp, Google, Facebook: new emojis are planned for the beginning of 2022

The new version includes, for example, the following symbols that attract less attention in advance:

  • an index finger pointing at the viewer
  • a coral
  • an empty bird’s nest / bird’s nest with eggs
  • a big green troll
  • a low battery
  • biting lips
  • uvm

Interested users can find the full list on the website. It is not yet clear when the new symbols will be available on every smartphone. However, digital experts currently expect that they will be available at the beginning of 2022. By the way: The messenger service Whatsapp had just announced a new emoji function with which users can react directly to messages.

List of rubric lists: © Catherine Waibel / dpa

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