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Mage Tower gives druids what they have asked for for years

Mage Tower gives druids what they have asked for for years
Mage Tower gives druids what they have asked for for years

The Mage Tower brings tons of rewards in World of Warcraft. But especially druids should be happy – and prepare.

Blizzard has revealed details about the return of the Mage Tower in Patch 9.1.5 and how it works in World of Warcraft. Most of it has already been read out in advance by the dataminers and correctly predicted – but there are also a few surprises. Especially druids can be happy because they get a really nice new skin.

What do you know now? Blizzard has published more details on the upcoming Mage Tower revival in a new forum post. The data mining has therefore proven to be correct and there is an exclusive set for transmogrification for each class – a recolor of the set from the Tomb of Sargeras.

But there is more. Especially druid players can be happy, because the tank druids can earn a new bear shape in the form of a “Fel-Werbear” – a devil advertising bear.

This new bear form is available for Guardian Druids – if they pass the Mage Tower.

Why is the druid figure coming back? It is a new variant of the druid figure that was exclusive to the magician’s tower at the time. Blizzard writes about this:

During Legion, the Mage Tower brought a new look to their weapon to most Specializations, but players who did not get one can still collect countless other weapon transmogs in the game.

But for Guardian Druids, the Mage Tower reward was an alternate bear form with a unique silhouette and animation. There’s just nothing like them in the game. For years we have heard feedback from Druid players who are frustrated that something as remodeling is no longer available, and we agree.

Therefore, in the time wandering: Legion, Guardian Druids who complete “The Return of the Highlord” will also unlock a new devil variant of the “Werbär” form.

Is there more? Yes. If you complete all 7 Mage Tower challenges on one account, you will also get an exclusive mount. It is a flying book from the Kirin Tor. This is one of those mounts that players could vote for a long time ago, but which lost to the Wandering Ancients. Many players should be happy that this mount is now also available.

How heavy is the magician’s tower? Unlike then, the item level will probably not be that decisive this time. As in other Timewalking content, Blizzard will scale character strength to an appropriate level. The aim here is to enable a “significant level of difficulty for current players”. Accordingly, the magician’s tower will probably not be a piece of cake, but also nothing that you can simply “outgear” by having a high item level.

When is that coming? The magician tower and also the time wandering: Legion is part of 9.1.5. There is no exact release date for this yet, but realistic estimates are from mid-October. So you have to be patient for another 3 to 5 weeks until the new challenges arise.

How often is the mage tower active? The Mage Tower will be active quite early at the start of Patch 9.1.5 together with the Timewalking: Legion for 2 weeks at a time. If you want as many rewards as possible, you should prepare for it. Because after the 2 weeks have passed, it will take several months for the tower to become active again.

This is because the time wandering: Legion joins the normal rhythm of the other time wanderings and is then only available around every 3 to 4 months for 7 days. So it is worthwhile to have all characters ready at the start of the event.

Are you looking forward to the Mage Tower and the new rewards? Or can’t you get anything out of the “warmed up content”?

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