At the best price: 10 GB Allnet Flat in the Telekom network for only 10 euros

1 euro per GB: A clear sign of low tariffs. The whole thing is then implemented in the Telekom network and it turns into a really interesting offer. Exactly this deal is now available at Mobilcom Debitel’s “Best Price Telecom Kracher”. And practical options await.

If it doesn’t have to be the maximum when surfing, the price goes down

For some mobile phone users, the data volume and speed, which are currently skyrocketing with many providers, do not quite match their usage behavior. Then you have to find a tariff where you don’t have to pay for what you don’t use.

In this regard, the current Telekom deal offers the perfect basis for everyone who is completely satisfied with 10 GB of surfing volume at a maximum speed of 21.6 Mbit / s in terms of network connection – the speed is easily enough for streaming services that make data volume A few hours of mobile film enjoyment are also possible.
69 percent cheaper: Top deal in the Telekom network
In the Telekom network, of course, everything is offered that a modern mobile phone tariff has to bring. Telephony is unlimited thanks to Flat rate, VoLTE & WLAN Call can also be used with the tariff, and EU roaming is also on board. In the case of SMS, the offer is based on the fact that this communication channel is no longer relevant for most people: the short messages are charged at 19 cents.

Telekom Green LTE 10 GB for 9.99 ?? / month

Mobilcom Debitel provides the offer as a tariff with a 24-month term, in addition, a one-off connection fee of 10 euros is due. If you add up the costs, the tariff comes to a total price of almost 250 euros after two years (24 x 9.99 ?? + 9.99 ??). From the 25th month the price rises very significantly to EUR 26.99 – here, as always, it is important to cancel in good time before this first term expires.

Extra options

What is really practical at Mobilcom Debitel is the ability to flexibly start the contract at a later point in time when booking. A start date can be selected for this in the ordering process. In addition, it is of course also possible to port your own phone number from the old to the new provider. Last but not least, you are also supplied with the appropriate eSIM for modern devices.

Secure best price deals in the Telekom network Overview of tariff offers

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