Strange gaming equipment: Razer presents finger sleeves

Strange gaming equipment: Razer presents finger sleeves
Strange gaming equipment: Razer presents finger sleeves

With the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves, the cabinet of curiosities in gaming equipment is one attraction richer. The anti-slip finger cots for mobile gaming are made of 35% silver fiber fabric as well as 60% nylon and 5% spandex. The fabric thickness is around 0.8 mm and the individual thimble has a total size of 2.1 cm x 4.5 cm. According to the manufacturer, the material is light and breathable. For around 12 euros, all mobile gamers can get a pair of the anti-slip finger cots in the Razer store. Judging by the product photos, the mobile version of the Battle Royal Shooter Fortnite seems to be predestined for use. However, the question is certainly justified as to whether such a product is even needed.

The Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves fall into the same category as the Project Breadwinner. The Razer toaster is certainly interesting for fans of the brand, but it doesn’t really add value. The same is likely to be the case with the Gaming Finger Sleeve. Here the focus is primarily on the look and the external presentation.

Nonetheless, the mobile gaming market continues to grow and corresponding products have their place. However, whether these will also be bought by smartphone gamers is another matter. In addition, the Razer thimbles will certainly not be the company’s last weird product.

Razer seems to be experimenting a lot right now and is trying to establish itself as a lifestyle brand. This also explains the release of the RESPAWN Mental Performance Drink Mix – an energy drink especially for players. However, it is a powder that mixed with water results in the finished drink. Of course, Razer also has a matching shaker on offer. This is available in four different colors or designs for around 30 US dollars. Razer also offers a mask with RGB lighting.


Strange gaming equipment Razer presents finger sleeves

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