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While the Xbox Design Lab program offers some pretty advanced customization of Xbox controllers, there is one element of them that cannot be changed. It was until today when a Reddit user made this discovery by sharing his find just yesterday.

How to change the LED color on Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

Fans of RGB customization will be delighted to discover this trick! Note that it is however limited to the PC and that you have to tweak options in Steam to be able to access it. It looks like Microsoft is not yet ready to make the option easier for the masses, but talking more about it could turn the tide.

Here’s how you can access the options to change the color of the LED (Nexus) on an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

  • Connect the controller to the computer via USB
  • In the Steam interface, switch to Big Picture mode in the top right corner (not necessarily mandatory apparently)
  • Go to “Controller” then to the controller settings
  • Make sure Xbox Extended Features support is turned on
  • Go to the Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller at the bottom
  • Choose “Preferences”
  • Change the color of the RGB LED on the controller

If the Xbox Extended Features Support option was not enabled, do so, restart your computer, then return to Settings.

Note that the first version of the Xbox Elite controller does not seem to offer this customization option and the color will reset after turning off the controller or going to settings.

Technically, everything is therefore present for this customization to be possible, but there is still an easily accessible interface and the parameter can be saved to make it a real daily use. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will officially support this feature on PC and console since we are touching here on the brand’s own identity.


Change LED Color Xbox Elite Series Controller Steam Xbox

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