“GTA VI” Might Never Be Released on PS4 and PS5

“GTA VI” Might Never Be Released on PS4 and PS5
“GTA VI” Might Never Be Released on PS4 and PS5

Although nothing has been formalized around GTA VI experts agree that the project should be released in the coming years. Unfortunately Playstation users will certainly not have the chance to play it....

Microsoft new game master

According to Jez Corden, famous podcaster specialist Xbox, Microsoft wants to buy Take Two, publisher of video games such as Red Dead, NBA 2K, Bioshock or GTA. A repurchase that would be estimated at $ 18 billion, a sum not so miraculous as that when we know that Microsoft is valued at nearly $ 1.6 trillion. The company even bought the video game publishing company Zenimax (Fallout, Doom, The Elder Scrolls...) earlier in the year, proof of its expansion ambitions. If the multinational buys the editions of Take Two it seems very likely that the game will not see the light of day with the direct competitor, Sony... To the dismay of the fans. But it’s not done yet...

GTA V, Rockstar Games

Released over eight years ago GTA V begins, despite its immense success, to “tire” its users and naturally they want something new. The rumor of a sixth version had therefore breathed a breath of freshness for fans of the saga. Unfortunately the possible takeover by Microsoft is breaking the dreams of some Playstation players who may not have access to the game... unless you buy an xbox.

Case to follow,


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