Valheim: Hearth & Home – Bukeperries suck

Valheim: Hearth & Home – Bukeperries suck
Valheim: Hearth & Home – Bukeperries suck

With the release of Hearth & Home for Valheim, the food system is no longer simply “raw meat”, but three different versions of it. These drop accordingly from the three corresponding types of animals: wolf meat comes understandably from wolves, pork from the wild boar and the meat from the deer … you can already guess what the developers of Iron Gate want to tell you.

The new types of meat and new ingredients unlock new, interesting recipes in the game. You can also grow onions in your garden with Hearth & Home. We’ll leave it open whether your Viking’s previous diet has become boring. But we have already explained to you to what extent the food buffs will change with Hearth & Home.

Valheim: Hearth & Home – background video on new ingredients

Bukeperries are there to suck up

As a short recap: Depending on which food you eat, you either increase your stamina more or your life points or both in equal parts. If you have just been out in the wilderness and had thrown in the corresponding life point food, but now want to build in your base and therefore need the buff of your stamina, then you no longer have to wait until the corresponding food buff has expired. Instead, you can throw so-called bukeperries (i.e. pukeberries aka puke berries) into your Vikings’ mouth to make it easier for them to eat. In good German: so that he vomits his stomach contents into the wilderness. Or on the shoes of the closest Viking colleague. Every animal has its own little toy.

The cooking itself will also be adapted with the Valheim update, because you now have to upgrade your kettle with extensions; similar to other stations of manufacture. Bread and pie must be baked in the oven before you can eat them. Valheim: Hearth & Home will be released on September 16, 2021.

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